Favre Sets Aim Towards Marino

GREEN BAY, WI – In the wake of the Green Bay Packers come-from-behind victory over the San Diego Chargers at Lambeau Field on Sunday, Packers quarterback Brett Favre offered his usual parting words during a post game press conference.
“I am the greatest,” Favre said smugly, “and it is finally almost official.”
Though the future Hall of Fame quarterback’s self-centered comments are nothing new to the Packers press conference arena, his recent inspired play is something the Pack hasn’t seen in a half decade, and has his team placed solely at the top of the NFC North rankings.
Inspired by the recent death of his wife’s stepfather, Rocky Byrd, Favre has once again taken the loss of a close family member and translated it into wins on the field.  As quoted in a previous Lush For Life article, Favre is continuing his pursuit of becoming the most adored and sympathized American athlete, and now is using his family deaths not only to trump the likes of Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong, but also to take down the legacies of both Hall of Famer Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins franchise, according to his wife Deanna.
“Brett is an inspired man, and he no longer has any tolerance for those who wish to deprive him of being considered the greatest player ever,” Deanna Favre said to Lush For Life correspondent Arthur Rocks.  “The spirits of our passed loved ones are literally driving my husband, even as his physical skills diminish,” Favre said.
According to Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, Favre’s rejuvenated play on the field is, “without a doubt,” the result of a spiritual happening.  “The past few seasons have been tough on Brett,” McCarthy said to Rocks.  “With the death of his stepfather-in-law, he appears to be back on track,” McCarthy said.  According to the Packers medical staff, significant muscle regeneration has occurred in Favre’s hamstrings, biceps, midsection, and groin since the conclusion of last season.
“Upon examination of Brett’s development, it appears that his muscles have now taken on a life of their own,” Green Bay Packers team doctor Pat McKenzie said to Lush For Life correspondent Rob Johnson.  According to medical test results, Favre’s legs have been possessed by dead brother-in-law Casey Tines, his arms by his dead father Irvin, his groin muscle by his wife’s amputated breast, and his midsection by recently passed stepfather-in-law Rocky Byrd.
His unprecedented and unforeseen muscle regeneration has Favre committed to his new personal goal of embarrassing Dan Marino’s legacy of once believed to be untouchable statistical records.
“I’m sick of people saying Dan Marino was the best quarterback ever because of his stats,” Favre said to Johnson.  “I’ve got the ring, and now I’m gonna get his dern records, too,” Favre said, referring to Marino’s all-time passing touchdown record of 420, tied by Favre on Sunday in the fourth quarter against the Chargers.  “Maybe then everybody’ll admit there’s never been anyone greater than me.”
When asked which one of his dead family members were helping him achieve the all-time interception record held by George Blanda, who Favre trails by only



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