Dear America, We Still Like You – Love Europe

I feel for you my American cousins; I really do. If this is your chosen reading material, then you may well have heard of far off places outside the Bay Area, like Scotland, Albania, or Tunisia, you may even be able to find such places on a map. You might be capable of conceiving that there are people who have never eaten at KFC’s, girls who have never dreamed of being a cheerleader for their local college team or boys who have no idea what a tailgate is. This article is for you, people.
Thanks to events that have been out of your control, there are many folks who don’t like you. A global community has rallied together in their anger and sadness at the events and actions since 9/11. America is so unpopular, that for the past few years Americans going anywhere outside the states are encouraged to pass themselves off as Canadians! Americans I have met outside America tend to be immediately apologetic and go to great lengths to distance themselves from the Fox News brand of America.
This is unfair. It has become all too easy to jump on the “I hate America” bandwagon – to pout, stamp feet, and blame the States for causing all the instability in the Middle East; for being the sole cause of global warming; for spreading fast food to the four corners of the world. The reality is quite different. EUROPE AND ASIA STILL LOVE YOU. I know, it’s hard to believe, but the facts speak for themselves. Allow me to make you feel better about your cultural identity and list your great achievements.

•    Apple: The world thanks you for technology that is human centred.
•    Movies: There are many great movies made every year in the US.
•    TV: There are some very intelligent documentaries and dramas created every season.
•    Surfing: Thanks, dudes.
•    The light bulb
•    Bourbon whiskey
•    Coming to the aid of the British, and all of Allied Europe, in the Second World War
•    Sunglasses
•    Ten pin bowling
•    The American Novel
•    American Art

The rest of the world knows the best and the worst of America. Those people in France in Britain and in the US who seem to be against what is happening are not generally anti-America – far from it. They are able to see how far the States has regressed from the positive, forward-thinking, inclusive, happy-go-lucky, and inventive people you were known for in the not too distant past. There is a tendency to retreat, lock the door, and put your head in the sand if all those outside your white picket fence are intent on throwing rotten tomatoes at you. Be brave, America, and come join the street party; we’ll bring wine if you leave behind the American beer and bring the Wild Turkey.
Big hugs from London!



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