Former Stars Implicated In Donaghy Gambling Scandal

WASHINGTON – The FBI has accumulated new facts in their investigation of former National Basketball Association referee Tim Donaghy, who was alleged to have participated in sports gambling and point-shaving in the games he worked as an official from 2005-07. FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, who heads the Donaghy investigation, said to Lush For Life correspondent and Las Vegas high-roller Arthur Rocks that the disgraced referee has accumulated several significant gambling debts to a number of prominent high-stakes gamblers and former athletes, including Michael Jordan and God Election ‘07 candidate Charles Barkley.
“Our investigation has led us to several former NBA players,” Cooper said to Rocks as the two dined with Mint Juleps and brie at a dog-fighting competition hosted by Davon Boddie, cousin of dog-fighting extraordinaire Michael Vick, at Churchill Downs. “Following a series of transactions traced from a Las Vegas bookmaking enterprise to an offshore Swiss account, we found deposits made into Mr. Jordan and Mr. Barkley’s bank accounts” Cooper said. “It appears they have been working alongside Donaghy, and not only were aware of his dealings, but aided in his delinquency.”
According to the report released by the FBI earlier this week, wagers between Jordan and Donaghy can be traced back to the 1994-95 NBA basketball season, Donaghy’s first season as an NBA official and Jordan’s return from a year-and-a-half long retirement. The two met while attending a Chicago White Sox afternoon game in Jordan’s luxury box before Jordan’s return to the Chicago Bulls later that year. The two men instantly hit it off, placing competitive wagers against Mayor of Chicago Richard Daley and his family, from $10,000 bets on eventual outcomes of at-bats, to the placement of the baseball after the end of an inning. According to the report, Donaghy lost the legal and sexual rights to his daughter to the Daley family, but instead Jordan agreed with Daley to return to basketball and bring the city of Chicago more championships. Part of the wagering agreement entailed that Donaghy do all in his power to make sure Jordan and the Bulls accomplished their goal, up to and including altering the outcomes of games by calling phantom personal fouls in deciding moments of games, and allowing Jordan to get away with anything he wanted, according to Special Agent Cooper. Jordan was unavailable for comment.
Donaghy’s lost bets to Jordan over the years has led to numerous point spread alterations, phantom foul calls, player ejections, league imposed suspensions, and various game-changing decisions. Some of Donaghy’s more recent infractions have come as a result of massive debt owed to lost wagers to former basketball player and God Election ’07 nominee Charles Barkley.
Donaghy’s questionable decision to eject Phoenix Suns All-Star center Amare Stoudemire in game 4 of the 2007 Western Conference Finals came as a result of debt owed to Barkley, an openly compulsive gambler, according to Barkley himself.
“I don’t care what that fool says about what he did or didn’t do,” Barkley said to Lush For Life correspondent Rob Johnson, who also owes Barkley $50 from a wager made in a curling event in Canada held three months ago. “I’ve done well against him in the past, and he’s usually really good about paying up,” Barkley said. “Sometimes he does other stuff for me. I had a $250,000 bet with Dan Majerle on the West Finals. I had the Spurs, and when the Suns had a 2-1 lead in the series, I had to do something. Timmy was able to help me out,” Barkley said.
It is unclear whether or not the allegations or confession by Barkley will affect his standing in the eyes of voters in the God Election. It doesn’t seem to concern him at this point, however.
“People know I’d be a good God. All supreme beings have gambled in the past, just look at the books,” Barkley said. “You telling me Him sending his Son to die for all people’s sins was a sure thing? Think again, buddy,” Barkley said.
“I’m still not a role model,” Barkley stated, “But I am a god. That’s all I gotta say.”



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