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Making Gaines with spoiled Rice… The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made another questionable roster move last week, presumably to further entrench themselves as the most poorly run organization in the entire NFL, releasing perennial Pro-Bowl defensive end Simeon Rice, reportedly due to a failed physical upon arriving at training camp in Lake Buena Vista, FL. The move comes following the signing of first-round pick D-lineman Gaines Adams, who is considered the eventual successor to Rice’s pass-rushing position. Though Rice was coming off shoulder surgery which ended his season last year in week 9, and the team was aware Rice’s rehabilitation was likely going to spill into training camp, the Bucs still released him due to his health. When the team selected Adams fourth overall in this year’s draft, the plan at the time was to allow Adams to ease into the position, learn Monte Kiffin’s complicated and detailed defensive scheme, and have the opportunity to be groomed by Rice as a mentor. The decision to release him was shocking, and the timing even more troubling. Money wasn’t the reasoning, even though Rice was due to earn just over $7 million (compared to $12 million last year), because the team still maintains significant salary cap space, and Rice had remained on the team throughout the summer and already received his scheduled roster bonuses for the year. It appears to this esteemed journalist that the Bucs had a vendetta for Rice, and were dead-set on releasing him at this moment from the very beginning, hoping to ruin any possibility of Rice landing with any other team. Not a very good way to begin a year…

Treat Bonds fairly, dammit… Since the start of Barry Bonds’ pursuit of Hank Aaron’s homerun record, and the first dose of anabolic steroids he injected into his ass cheek, he has worn a sense of arrogance and entitlement to the record, as if it belonged to him all along. For the last week, Bonds has been stuck at no. 754, and pitchers haven’t been throwing meat down the center of the plate. With every pitch, Bonds winces in frustration, upset that he’s not getting the pitches he wants, throwing his bat in disgust following every base-on-balls. Someone should just toss an underhand duck right into his strike zone, proving that he and his record are bullshit, and mean nothing…

Walsh passes away… Breaking news hit the Lush For Life wire report, Monday, with the death of former San Francisco 49ers and Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh. Walsh was arguably the most revolutionary mind in the history of the pigskin, inventing an offensive scheme that over half the teams in the NFL employ today, the West Coast offense. His coaching tree branches out to almost every head coach in football, and he holds one of the best winning percentages in the history of the NFL while winning three Super Bowls. Lush For Life adores you, Bill Walsh. Screw Lombardi, you were the man…

NAACP still whining… In a press release Monday, the NAACP asked for restraint from the public and Michael Vick’s sponsors, asking to hold their judgment of the maligned quarterback until his due process is completed. If it weren’t for them, or a large portion of African-Americans, I would have thought Vick’s case had nothing to do with race. Until you stop bringing attention to your skin color, you’ll always be sitting in the back of the bus. But then again, I know if Tom Brady tortured dogs, we’d be hassling him because he’s white, right?




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