Lush For Life At The Movies: “Sicko”

The line between being an informed, disgruntled American displeased with our country’s morality and direction, and a flag-burning anti-American meddling detrimentalist guilty of treason is very small. At least that’s what Rush Limbaugh, the religious Right, and “The Silent Majority” believe.
Not so much here at Lush For Life. Though we publish “fake news,” we have been associated with the Liberal Left, the Bleeding-Heart media, and the Jewish Media Conspiracy. Though we have never admitted to being a part of any of these agendas, we know what side of the line we would be standing on if the proverbial shit eventually hits the proverbial fan. Upon a viewing of Michael Moore’s newest documentary “Sicko” – an in-depth analysis of the American health care system, and the lives that are ruined as a result of it – a refreshed contempt for our country’s corruption and lack of moral fiber has been revived in all of us; from our paranoid Senior Editor Egbert Sousè, to the one-legged, mentally-challenged chimp mopping the floors in our basement who devours all of our back-stock of Angostura Bitters. Not a problem, though. Since watching “Sicko”, we have all the bitterness we need.

Moore has made a name for himself in his attacks on big business, gun control, the NRA, President George “Dubya” Bush, and his glorification of Canada as well. Moore is the poster child for the Extreme Left and Bleeding-Heart Liberals, and sometimes uses extreme dramatic tactics for getting his point across in his films, which in a way, makes him no better than Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Todd Schnitt, or Bill O’Reilly – it just so happens that what he says is the truth, more often than not.

For a moment, Moore points his focus towards the 50-million Americans who don’t have any kind of health insurance coverage, and the financial problems they encounter. Moore shows us a story of man who accidentally cuts off the tips of two of his fingers, without health insurance, and later having to decide whether he wants to re-attach his $60,000 middle finger, or his $12,000 ring finger. As a person who doesn’t have health insurance, this writer feels that is a ridiculous thing for a person to have to decide. The film’s focus, however, is more acutely directed towards those who do have insurance, and end up getting fucked because of their coverage’s limitations.

It’s a senseless task to describe all the events that take place in the film. If you want to know what crazy ol’ Mike does next, go see it for yourself. That’s why he made it, for you to see. And you should see it, believe me.

Moore feels it is important for the movie-watching, popcorn-crunching public to realize how bad our health insurance situation is in this country. Keep in mind how much of that popcorn you’re stuffing into your mouth, people. You’re one heart attack away from your life falling apart.
Some may say he his simply trying to attack America and everything it stands for in his films. The United States is the only country in the western world that doesn’t provide free universal health care for its citizens. What a Communist. Al-Qaeda terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, receive better health insurance than my mother, a public school teacher for 38-years, or even, let’s say, a former 9/11 volunteer firefighting rescue worker. Moore is a terrorist, goddamit. Moore claims Congress was bought by the health insurance industry and coerced into passing legislation that reduced coverage for the elderly. He just hates Republicans. Hillary was bought, too. Moore hates everything. Though we receive government-funded social services such as public education (not very good, however), free mail delivery, free libraries (though nobody reads, as seen here), and police force, there’s no plans for free health insurance. A legitimate flag-burner. “Love it or leave it,” right?

It just so happens that if you were to leave it, you would receive better health coverage. Moore shows us an example of an American tourist breaking his arm while doing cartwheels across Abbey Road in London. He was rushed to a hospital, had his arm attended to and put in a sling, and stayed under hospital supervision for 10 hours. Total bill: zero dollars. Even physicians working for the state in London, one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities to live, own Audi A8s and live in $1 million townhouses. It appears that our notion of a government-controlled health system being an awful, dirty, bottom-level service is truly a farce. It would probably be that way if we did it, though (see public school system), knowing our country’s habit of not designating a proper amount of funds to provide a good service.

There’s not enough money out there, Michael Moore. Large health insurance companies experience record profits every quarter, and we can’t mess with the money train. That’s what this great, capitalistic nation was built on: making money. You mess with that and you’re messing with America, and that makes you a terrorist in the all-seeing eye of American Patriotism. And we can’t tax everybody for a service that everybody could use, either. That would be too socialistic. Everybody knows those bastards are evil. In hindsight, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a sadistic, evil, maniacal, flag-burning Communist, too.

Maybe this is the right direction for America. We’ve outsourced most of our once domestic industry overseas to maximize profits. We’ll just have to outsource our sick, injured and dying people to other countries to get help. Otherwise it’ll affect the bottom line, which wouldn’t be very American, would it?



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