L4L Coverage Of The Academy Awards

HOLLYWOOD – With all of the anticipation and speculation surrounding this year’s running of the 79th annual Academy Awards, moviegoers and Hollywood celebrities alike are so perplexed they’ve forgotten their daily rations of wheat grass and Botox in record numbers.The dolls and darlings of the Hollywood world all seem to have an opinion on the awards, each one with their own blend of classic Hollywood stupidity.

One of the major categories that is receiving some of the most attention is, of course, the Lead Actor award.With nominees ranging from the dreamy Leo DiCaprio to the awkward, oafish Forrest Whitaker, it seems everybody has an opinion on who will emerge victorious.

“I hate Leo,” pseudo actress Lindsay Lohan said to Lush for Life correspondent Arthur Rocks.“He has the audacity to not take me out, so he is the last person the Academy should be honoring,” Lohan said.

Some stars are less interested in who wins the award.“You’re asking me who I think will win?” actor Johnny Depp said.“I could care less.I’ll be in Paris, smoking opium with Jack Nicholson and a group of Islamo-fasicts.”Depp hinted at the whereabouts of the First Dog Barney as he quickly excused himself from the interview.

Some of the nominees have developed lobbying groups for protesting campaigns.A large group of protestors have been traveling around Los Angeles since the announcement of the nominations, picketing and lobbying for “The Blood Of Yingzhou District,” nominated for the best documentary short category.

“A lot of people don’t know about us,” actor turned lobbyist Michael Rappaport said to Lush For Life correspondent Rob Johnson.“People need to know who we are,” the star of “The War At Home” said, “and we’ll use force if we must to get the word out.”Rappaport resumed the protesting, this time outside of a Ralph’s Food Store in Reseda.A rival protest group for the film “Recycled Life,” led by actor Ralph Macchio, happened to be protesting at the same time, and soon the two groups converged and their meeting swelled into a full-scale, vandalizing riot.

The main focus of the Hollywood elite is centering on the Best Picture category, and the ongoing rivalry between filmmakers Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese.

Scorsese has continually lost the awards for directing and picture year after year, and all to former actors turned directors.A list of actors including Kevin Costner (“Dances With Wolves” – 1990), Mel Gibson (“Braveheart” – 1995), and Eastwood (“Million Dollar Baby” – 2004) have all been victorious over Scorsese, and were all present for a group interview.

“Martin deserves an award,” Gibson said.“But it’s not our fault he keeps losing to us.”

“If he wants to win, he should, theoretically, make a better film than we do,” Costner said.“The greats have always said that actors eventually become better directors rather than directors eventually becoming actors, key grips, or even second unit directors.”

Clint Eastwood offered his opinion, saying, “I think Martin would make a good best boy.”

The 79th Academy Awards will air live on February 25 at 8pm Eastern Time.



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