Lush For Life Defends Michael Richards

“Shock, outrage, venom spewing political correctness – just a few of the principles that America has come to value, as demonstrated by the mass denouncement of Michael Richards (formally Seinfeld‘s Kramer). Have we really gone so far as a society to not appreciate a good outburst from a half-crazed comedian? Have we all been so twisted by the idea that we have to say the right thing all the time that we cannot appreciate one good snap? I hope not; otherwise, I’m out of a job.

As the days of Lenny Bruce fade into obscurity, America has become a country where words are regaining their often-meaningless powers. Slander, liable, and hate speech are one thing, but where do they end and free speech begin? Possibly somewhere in the neighborhood of shouting “”fire”” in a crowded theater, but is it the same if you scream “”fire”” when you’re up on stage at a comedy show?

Now, many of you will be saying that screaming “”nigger”” over and over again is a far cry (pun intended) from yelling about a fictional blaze, but is it? After actually watching the video of the cooky comic’s outburst (something which I don’t think many critics have actually done), it seems to me that Richards was trying to make a point. The point? Words alone have no meaning. Now, I’m not going to get into a philosophical debate over the validity of my statement (you can’t argue back and I’d win anyway), but a word only has as much power as you assign it.

Lenny Bruce, a pioneer in trying to get people to understand this, would often yell racial slurs over and over again to show audiences that the words become meaningless after the first eight or nine times. What Richards’ tried to do (and failed to) was A) silence the rude, obnoxious idiots in the crowd who were ruining his act, and B) see how sensitive people are to archaic, meaningless words used by ignorant assholes to offend and by funny open-minded people to make a point. He failed because of the over-the-top reaction of his dim-witted targets, and the audience’s support (brought on by guilt) of the morons screaming back at him.

So why make a big deal of it? I can understand that not everyone will be able to get your joke, see your point or understand broader philosophical views, but that’s why we have prisons and the Republican Party. What I can’t understand is Richards bowing to the soft, overly sensitive douche bags that make up the mass media and the Democratic Party (Hollywood) and apologizing to the “black community”, who probably don’t care.

Either he was strong-armed by his publicists or it was his own guilt over not being able to measure up to heroes of free speech like Larry Bruce, Larry Flynt, and Larry the Lounge Lizard. He DID botch the joke/commentary towards the end, but it was his audience who took the outburst as an insult.

As freethinking, intelligent individual, what can I really say to offend you? Really? I’ve been searching for something that would insult me. Call me a fat, obnoxious, loud-mouthed, over-opinionated bastard and I’ll agree with you. Call me stupid, a poor writer, or lazy and I’ll just think you’re idiotic. Call me a cracker and I’ll wonder what century you’re from. But I won’t get angry. I know who I am.

Reacting to a racial epithet is just as stupid as trying to use one to cause honest offense. If every black man and woman who was called a nigger simply laughed at the closed-minded, bigoted dipshit, the word would have no power in under a decade. I understand there are deep feelings of loss and resentment in the black community to the sins of the past, and even the present, but wake up! You are the ones giving those words power. Suing out-of-work actors only propagates the belief that words can make a label a truth. They can’t. Deal with it and don’t be stupid – let the people on stage do that for you, and laugh at them.




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