Father And Son See Mac Commercial, Reconcile Differences, Buy Computer

“PLANO, TX – These days, life at the Clarke residence is much more hospitable than it used to be, thanks in large part to a new series of Mac commercials which humorously differentiate between Mac and PC platforms.

Reginald Clarke, a forty-nine year old accountant, said that until he’d seen the commercials, he’d often fought with his son, 19-year-old Reginald Clarke, Jr., or “”Reggie””, over Reggie’s lifestyle choices.

“”We always used to be at each other’s throats,”” Clarke senior said.

“”I mean, I’m so straight-laced and he’s so…artistic, or whatever you want to call it, that we just couldn’t come to common ground. It was one of those, ‘hey, son, cut your hair’ type things, but much, much worse””

Clarke junior agreed, saying he and his father often found contention with what he described as creative differences, explaining: “”He wakes up so early and is so stuffy about his suits being pressed and clean – it’s just so repressive, or something.””

Clarke junior also said that his father didn’t understand his arduous work schedule, and often accused him of being lazy. “”Sure, he might wake up early and, like, go to an office and stuff, but I don’t get why I’m not as ‘responsible’ as he is just because I wake up a little later, and because before I go to work I just so happen to eat some Cap’n Crunch and watch ‘The Jetsons’ (or is it ‘The Jeffersons’?), for a couple hours””

Clarke disagreed, saying his son doesn’t work, but “”just screws around playing guitar all day”” instead.

The younger Clarke, in turn, disagreed with his father, saying his band, Python Sunrise, is ‘seriously’ about to get a record deal which would make him richer than his ‘old man’.

Clarke junior also added that his father often chided him about hygiene, saying his father was so relentless about personal upkeep that he once sneaked into Reggie’s room and cut his hair when he was sleeping.

’Okay, I admit, it was a little weird,’ Clarke senior said. ‘But it was for his own good, and it did grow back. Rather quickly, come to think.’

The conflicts came to a crux, however, when Clarke senior kicked his son out of the house.

’He just started ragging on me again, so I called him out, and was I like, ‘you fascist,’ and he said, ‘well then leave,’ so I did.’

That week, Reggie slept in Python Sunrise’s 1992 Econoline minivan.

Reggie said that when he came home to gather personal effects and put them in a plastic milk crate he’d stolen from behind a 7-Eleven, his father was watching TV. The show went into intermission.

Though Reggie didn’t normally watch television because it’s ‘a corporate mind control machine that just tricks you into buying stuff’, he said the Mac commercial caught his eye even before he knew what he was seeing.

The premise of the particular commercial Reginald and Reggie saw, titled ‘Better’, highlighted the pros and cons of both computer platforms. In the advertisement, two men personify the Mac and PC systems. Mac sports unruly hair, a goatee, and a relaxed hoodie, whereas PC wears a stiff suit, glasses, and clean shave.

The different personalities both characters embody are thought to characterize the strengths and weaknesses of each computer. Whereas PCs are known for their day-to-day applicability, Macs are heralded for their flexibility and creativity.

At the conclusion of the commercial, which juggles both ‘agree to disagree’ and ‘Macs are better’ sentiments, Reggie Clarke approached his father, who was on the sofa, and they began to talk.

’The commercial – it was like looking in a mirror and seeing both of us,’ Reginald said. ‘I suddenly ‘got it’, that we were both better at different things, kind of like the computer, but that it was okay to be better at different things’

Reggie agreed, though in different words. ‘Yeah, my old man is totally boring like that guy in the commercial, but even though he was all bumbling and stuff, he could get along with the young guy that was really cool, like me’

’Because we were so similar to the characters in the commercial,’ Clarke senior explained, ‘it really made me reflect upon how we’d handled our relationship. PC didn’t cut Mac’s hair. They kind of just talked, which was really sweet.’

After several minutes of frank discussion, Reginald and son Reggie shook hands. They then made their way to the nearest Apple store at Pendleton Heights Towne Centre so that Reginald could buy his son a Mac computer.

’Sure, it was great making up with my dad. I really needed a steady place to live,’ Reggie said. ‘But still and all, the best part about seeing the commercial and making up was that my dad bought me a MacBook because of it. He said that since I’m a musician, I needed a tool to foster my creativity, or something. I agreed; the MacBook has let me get so much stuff done. Right after I got it and downloaded some porn, I immediately uploaded three Python Sunrise songs to the band’s Myspace page. It’s the most I’ve done in years. Now that I have a Mac, I can’t imagine life without it.’

Reggie said his band, Python Sunrise, was still waiting to hear back from Sony regarding its record deal.



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