Limbaugh Praises Michael J. Fox With Fund, Award

“WEST PALM BEACH, FL – One day following the accusatory comments he made about actor Michael J. Fox, right-wing broadcaster Rush Limbaugh followed by creating a charitable fund and scholarship program, and awarded Fox with the initial distinguished award in acting the program plans on giving out on an annual basis.

Limbaugh originally accused Fox – who ails from Parkinson’s disease and is a large supporter of stem-cell research – of faking and exaggerating the uncontrollable jerks and facial twitches he suffers due to his disease during an advertisement promoting stem cell research in order to sway voters to support the research of stem cells. When Limbaugh went on air yesterday, presumably to apologize for his brash, accusatory comments to Fox, he shocked his listening audience with some unpredictable news.

“”I stand by what I said. I take back none of what I said,”” Limbaugh said during his radio show yesterday. “”In fact, I think Fox is so good at acting that I am going to reward him.””

The organization founded by Limbaugh, called A Helping Hand for the Truly Gifted Disease-Ridden Fakers, will be designed to help struggling actors and aspiring film students who have diseases and ailments similar to Fox. The organization will also award a group of aspiring actors every year with fully paid scholarships, provided the awardees declare themselves Republicans and vote on the Republican ticket in all local, state, and national elections.

“”It became apparent to me just how gifted he is,”” Limbaugh said in an on-air interview with LushForLife correspondent Arthur Rocks. “”These actors, including Michael J. Fox, are talented and are a powerful weapon for the Democrats,”” Limbaugh stated, “”and all I want to do is keep these people from being exploited by the filthy liberals and turn them into respectable, Republican-voting Americans.””

Another aspect of the organization will be focused on film preservation, and will award deserving “”disease-ridden fakers”” with an Honorable Achievement in Acting award every year. With Fox being responsible for the launching of the fund, the flagship award will be given to him.

“”Michael J. Fox is truly a talented actor, obviously,”” Limbaugh said. “”Just look at what he’s done with this whole Parkinson’s thing. It is astounding how believable his performance really is,”” Limbaugh went on, “”and I am giving him this award in honor of his truly remarkable ability to fake a disease.

“”He’s never really been honored for his achievements, except for an Emmy – which isn’t much of an award. Hopefully now, people will notice his achievement, now that I’ve given him this award and my seal of approval.””

Upon receiving his award from Limbaugh in an in-studio interview at LushForLife Headquarters with correspondent Porcious Crank, Fox promptly broke the trophy over his knee and simply replied, ‘This man is completely insane.””



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