How To Boil An Egg

“Today, I met with town renowned Chef C. Karl Cent, who taught me a fun and excellent recipe that almost anyone can do at home. It’s called the Hard Boiled Egg, and it’s becoming the latest breakfast trend in America. In this one on one interview with Chef Kent, he will explain how to master this remarkable recipe. Enjoy!


Egg (1)

Boiling water

James Avalon: First of all, is this something anyone can learn to make?

Chef Kent: Probably.

JA: Okay, what’s the first step?

CK: Well, first I like to fill a pot with water and bring it to a steady boil.

JA: Really? I’m such a novice; I would have just put the egg in the empty pot!

CK: Ha-ha, yes, a lot of first-timers make that mistake.

JA: Do you watch the pot when it’s coming to a boil?

CK: No. Never.

JA: So, what happens after the water starts boiling?

CK: After the water comes to a boil, I like to open my refrigerator and pick out an egg. Then I carefully place the egg into the pot of boiling water.

JA: Okay, that makes sense.

CK: Then I let the egg boil for ten minutes.

JA: Now, when you say, “boil,” what do you mean?

CK: Boiling is a term we use in the culinary world to describe something that is being cooked by very hot water.

JA: I see. What do you do while the egg is boiling?

CK: I usually read the newspaper, but sometimes I’ll water my garden.

JA: is there a certain section of the newspaper you suggest reading while the egg is boiling?

CK: The classified ads are pretty good. If you like sports, I recommend the sports section.

JA: Does this affect the outcome of the egg?

CK: No.

JA: So, what happens after the egg boils for ten minutes?

CK: It’s done.

JA: Is there a technique to getting the egg out of the pot?

CK: Yes, there is. I find that a slotted spoon is the best utensil for removing the egg from the pot.

JA: Fascinating. Could you explain what that is, for some of our readers who might not know?

CK: It’s a spoon with slots in it, so that liquid may pass through the spoon rather than spill on to the dish that you’re preparing.

JA: Is there a technique to using this spoon?

CK: No, it just works like a regular spoon.

JA: Alright. What do you do once the egg has been removed from the pot?

CK: I put it on a plate, peel the shell off, and eat it.

JA: Oh… so, you don’t actually eat the shell?

CK: No.

Ladies and Gentlemen: there you have it, that’s how you make a Hard Boiled Egg, in a nutshell; or should I say… eggshell. For more of Chef Kent’s great recipes, please visit



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