Hellhounds Born Of British Blood

“LONDON – After so much bad news in the world of British politics, there is once again cause to celebrate. The pitter-patter of tiny feet can be heard bounding down the halls of power at Ten Downing Street. The Prime Minister’s wife, Cherie Blair, has given birth to eight puppies!

The British press has been crowding ’round the local veterinarian where Cherie had her litter late last night. She is said to be happy but exhausted. “”Having given birth to such a large litter and then eating all of their placenta’s… that would tire anyone out,”” Said Cherie Blair’s spokeswoman.

In a press conference this morning, Tony Blair seemed a little worn out, too. All he could do was pant a lot and smile occasionally. “”It is no wonder that he has such a big grin on his face,”” said a reporter for NBC news. “”I heard that his owner, George. W. Bush, was considering having him neutered in the fall.

Using our extra leverage (blackmail, extortion, calling in old favors) here at LushForLife.com, I was able to get an exclusive interview with the proud owner of Tony Blair and his bitch, Mrs. Blair.

Johnny Iglesia Gonzales: Mr. President, thank you so much for finding the time to talk to us.

George W. Bush: You didn’t give us much choice.

JIG: First question Mr. President, what color puppies do we have?

GWB: Well, there are a couple with stars, three with stripes and the rest are black hounds of hell.

JIG: I see. Do you intend to keep any of the puppies?

GWB: The way I look at it, a dog needs to be obedient, do what it’s told, and never bite the hand that feeds it. I may keep a couple of the most docile and dumb ones and shoot the rest.

JIG: Thank you so much for your time Mr. President, the good folk of Britain will be glad to know that you are such a keen animal lover.

The LushForLife.com office has been a little quiet since I had to send home the Cuban band I was hiding in my office, so I have asked the rest of the gang if they think they are ready for some responsibility. As a LushForLife.com anniversary gift, I smuggled out one of the black puppies of the Damned before The President had a chance to throw them in the river. What we need you to do is to come up with a suitable name for our new office pet. The lucky winner will receive nothing but our heartfelt thanks, so get those names into us pronto.



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