Ken Lay Dead At Sixty-four

ASPEN, CO – The untimely passing of Enron’s great and fearless leader, Ken Lay, has left many who are less than satisfied with his death. Democrats, poor people, hippies, and other bottom dwellers are still heartlessly baying for blood as the poor man’s family begins to mourn.

Kenneth Lee Lay was born on April 15, 1942, in the wholesome Ozark town of Tyrone, Missouri, the only son of a Baptist minister. He was a deeply religious man who “”believed in the rules set out by Christianity and thought Enron should lead the community in helping the unfortunate and disadvantaged””. And that he did, but the lunatic ravings of the so-called “”bleeding-hearts”” are now trying to further disgrace the already tarnished name of a good Christian man.

Feeling cheated by his demise, many of these leftists are showing their true colors. Cries of ‘Death is too good for that man!’ or ‘I hope there is a hell so he will burn!’ show the cracks in the disingenuous faÁade that these libs paint on their faces with a palette of deceit.

The idea that a man of Lay’s integrity and belief would ever do anything to cheat another human being is simply preposterous. When it was discovered that he had quietly sold $70 million in Enron stock back to the company in 2001, while telling employees that the company was in fine shape and that the stock was a great buy, it was assumed he was doing something underhanded. As a Christian, Lay was being quiet because immodesty is a sin, and he was selling the stock back simply to help his fellow man by removing cash from an inflation infested economy. Telling his employees that there was nothing wrong was just his way of reassuring them; bad news such as, ‘The company you work for is going bankrupt and your retirement funds are being sacrificed to electroplate my swimming pool with gold,’ can depress people, and perhaps even anger them. Placing undue stress and bringing misery to people’s lives is not something a true Christian would ever do – if only the liberals had a soul, they too would realize this.

Lay is survived by his wife, five children and stepchildren, and 12 grandchildren, all of whom have pension funds.



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