Pop Star Spears Announces Pregnancy Photo Shoot

NEW YORK – A press conference held today at Fangoria Magazine’s Park Avenue headquarters revealed the monthly publication’s plans to feature a detailed photo shoot of pop star Britney Spears’ upcoming pregnancy.

“We are excited to capture the entire happening of a famous pop star’s child birth,” Fangoria editor-in-chief Tony Timpone said to LushForLife.com correspondent Porcious Crank. “Britney was excited to get onboard, as well,” Timpone said. “In fact, she contacted us with the idea.”

Fangoria Magazine, with the help of fetish pornography magazine Nugget, will work together to come up with the different compositions and picture layouts for the highly anticipated cover story.

“We have a knack for the gross stuff,” Timpone said, “but, since we don’t really have any experience in porno type stuff, we felt the guys at Nugget could lend a helping hand.” The shoot is rumored to be intensely graphic in nature, with full-color layouts of a spread-eagled Spears revealing her dilated vagina and flowing placental fluids.

Spears’ decision to allow the photo shoot came following the popular press she received from doing a nude photo spread with Harper’s Bazaar earlier this month. She was pictured fully nude, arms crossed, covering her swelled mammaries, and her legs crossed, covering her genetelia.

“Britney has decided to do this for both personal and financial reasons,” William Morris Agency spokesman Ben Eisensteinman told LushfForLife.com correspondent Arthur Rocks. “She hasn’t been working much lately; having children can be expensive, as we know, and she needs to cash in while she still can.” Eisensteinman added, “Additionally, she’s into this kind of stuff and has been wanting to do something a bit edgier for some time, now.”

An anonymous representative for Fangoria magazine reported to LushForLife.com that the publication paid more than 30 million dollars for the rights to shoot Spears’ childbirth. The funds, reportedly, came from a group of wealthy fetishists and avid supporters of the magazine, as well as an underground charitable foundation in New York. Though no report has been received from Nugget Magazine, pornography insiders believe the costs for rights had to equal at least what Fangoria was required to pay.

Nugget has a lot of pull in the porno business,” Tampa resident and pornography connoisseur Eric Hansen said to LushForLife.com correspondent Chester Ringfield. “They’re my favorite magazine, and I know I’m not alone. All of my friends agree that they are the best at fetish.” Hansen added, “I can’t wait to masturbate to Britney lying in a puddle of placental fluid while a baby is popping out of her cunt.”

Depending on the popularity of the upcoming photo shoot, Spears’ agents have set into motion one new direction for her continuing career.

“If everything goes well,” Eisensteinman said, “she will be offering a performance where she reenacts the birth, in full detail. The service will be available for scheduling a few months following the birth, and people can book her for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, fetish conventions, and corporate events.”

Finally, Spears’ is doing something worthwhile with her talent. If all goes well, then we at LushForLife.com have found the feature performer for our next corporate convention.



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