Broadcaster Rome Joins Star Wars Team

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles based, nationally renowned sports broadcaster Jim Rome, reportedly, will join filmmaker George Lucas’ creative team in charge of developing the new installment in the successful Star Wars film series. The broadcaster will, reportedly, be an integral member of the writing team, and will also star in a leading role in the upcoming film. George Lucas, the creator of the series and the director of the latest installment, will announce the joining of Rome to his team in a press conference later this week.

Rome, who hosts The Jim Rome Show, a daily nationally syndicated radio show, as well as Jim Rome Is Burning, a daily television talk broadcast, has primarily worked in broadcasting in the past, though is excited to get started in the film industry with Lucas.

“George Lucas is a god,” Rome told correspondent Porcious Crank at a Los Angeles Clippers playoff basketball game on Tuesday. “War G Luc…War the Dark Side…War Skywalker becoming one of the Clones…War me busting some nasty rebel ass!”

Lucas’ attraction to Rome surfaced when the director was listening to Rome’s radio show one day, and noticed he referred to himself as “the leader of the clones.” “The Clones,” as Rome refers to them, are the listeners of his radio show, who call in to offer “smack” and “takes” on current events in sports. This unintentional pun struck a chord in Lucas’ mind, and from that moment on, he knew who would lead the Star Wars series well into the 21st century.

“Jim Rome has a special quality to him,” Lucas said in an in-studio interview with Arthur Rocks. “His charisma is unmatched; he’ll bring a whole new aspect of ‘smack’ to the Dark Side. Hopefully, Jim will be a part of our team for not only this film, but for any others we may happen to produce.”

Though plot details of the new installment are sketchy, it appears that Rome will play Van Smack (which he is often referred to by his callers on his radio show), who is the new Darth character that is very strong in the dark side of the force. Rome’s character, Darth Van Smack, will be the leader of the clones and the dark side of the force, and will wage a war on Luke Skywalker and his band of rebels. Though it is unclear how the plot will develop, Rome offered some clues to how involved his character will be.

“That Skywalker chump is going to feel the pain,” Rome told Porcious Crank. “Darth Smack is going to bust his chicklets [teeth], and send him home to his girly droids and his Tatooine hippie-lettuce [marijuana].” Rome went on to say, “I can’t wait to turn that wuss to the Dark Side.”

Though Lucas has been well known for his imagination and writing, his directing ability, from time to time, has been subject to intense ridicule over the years. As Rome is fully aware of the possibility of a Lucas misfire, he offers one warning to his soon-to-be-director and colleague:

“Listen, G Luc,” Rome said into a microphone to correspondent Crank, “all I’ve got to say is this – and all the clones will back me up on this smack: Have a take, and don’t suck.”



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