Opinion Pieces A Waste Of Time

Opinion pieces are a stupid, pointless waste of time. I have been Senior Editor of this fine website for eight months, now, and have decided that is the only way to describe them. They waste my time as I actually have to go through the arduous process of editing them, and then it throws everyone else’s valuable time down the toilet having to read them.

In a recent poll conducted by a bunch of people who have nothing better to do with themselves, it was found that four zillion percent of opinion pieces go unnoticed, and the remaining percentage of opinion pieces are read, but no one gives a fuck. So, what’s the point?

Some people would say that they are necessary in establishing a voice for any given community, be it your neighborhood crime watch meetings to the largest of free forums, the Internet. I disagree.

If I want a voice, I’ll use it by voting at the real polls each electoral November. I’ll use it watching CNN and making decisions that I will keep to myself for fear of upsetting old people with my leftist ideals.

Who thinks that I care what your opinion on the capital gains tax is? What good is one opinionated voice in a sea of millions? Did Martin Luther’s single opinionated voice accomplish anything for his agenda when he posted that crap on some church door all those many years ago? Did the other guy with the similar name plus King’s voice make any difference as he bitched for Civil Rights and nonviolent protest? I think you’re getting my point.

Opinion pieces in any form should be banned. But if we can’t succeed there, at least continue doing what we’ve been doing: ignore it, and it will promptly go away.



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Dr. Egbert Sousé is a columnist and the Senior Editor for Lush For Life.Born and raised in the rural Deep South, Dr. Sousé attended University of Vanderbilt, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media, then going on to Georgetown for his Master's, and eventually graduating from Brown University with a Doctorate Degree in English, where he studied under the highly respected writer and journalist Dr. Leonard Epstein.Dr. Sousé has written articles for a variety of publications, including Newsweek, Time, and The Boston Globe.When not working, Dr. Sousé enjoys spending his leisure time at the local horse tracks, where he places two dollar bets and attempts to make contact with extra-terrestrial life.He currently lives in Tampa, Florida, and during the summer months he resides at his remote villa in Key West, Florida, where he enjoys drinking home-made Absinthe while he continues to complete his Great American Novel.

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