Photography Giants To Develop Ultimate Tripod

MELVILLE, NY – A news leak out of Nikon Headquarters in Melville, New York, has revealed a new project the camera manufacturer, in conjunction with fellow photography industry leader Canon, Inc. has set into action to develop the world’s first completely steady, perfected tripod.

The two industry giants, who in the past have been direct competitors, have joined forces for the first time in response to professional photographer’s complaints regarding the blurry, shaky images both of the company’s products have repeatedly produced. The result of their cooperation is the world’s first completely motionless camera mounting device that will eliminate the possibility of blurry images due to camera shake, regardless of the type of camera equipment used.

The device, which Nikon is currently calling the roboPod, resembles a mechanical arm, is completely customizable – adapting to a number of different add-ons and accessories – and is made of heavy-duty, lightweight magnesium alloy. It is designed to be attached to the photographer’s shoulder joint, in place of the arm, and has the ability to rotate 360 degrees in four different ball-bearing joints located in various positions along the shaft. The device has employed a shock resistant technology along with its sturdy design to ensure shake-free picture taking. The installation of the roboPod requires a surgical procedure involving the removal of the user’s right arm.

“They asked for it, now they’ve got it,” president and CEO of Nikon Inc.

Toshiyuki Masai said to “We have come up with solutions in the past,” Masai said, “such as our Vibration Reduction, and Canon’s Image Stabilizer, but I guess it just wasn’t good enough.”

When asked if this type of product seemed a bit extreme, Masai responded, “These photographers want to get results. Sometimes there’s a price you have to pay. In this case, it’s deformity.”

Photographers across the globe found themselves in hiding during the testing process of the roboPod. News reports from Japan, China, and Australia revealed several incidents of violent amputations being conducted in the city streets on test subjects. Over thirty incidents of amputated arms were reported to in the last month.

“I like my arm,” wedding photographer and St. Petersburg resident Raymond Sigmon said, “and my hand, I need that too.” Sigmon went on, “My right hand has more uses than just for picture taking.”

It is still unclear how many units Nikon and Canon will be able to sell. Though if the roboPod is able to live up to its billing, the sales could truly slash through the photography market.



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