On the Stage: Saw!: The Musical

NEW YORK, NY – Producers of the blockbuster horror movie series Saw, in conjunction with Geffen Records Chairman and CEO David Geffen, are taking the bloody, gore-filled series off the silver screen and have begun production of a lavishly produced Broadway musical adaptation of the original film.

The musical is rumored by Broadway insiders to have a budget of over 40 million dollars, making it the most expensive stage performance ever produced. The play will employ a cast and crew of thousands, including accomplished actors and performers from both the silver screen and stage, a 300-person team of French exotic dancers, performance artists Cirque Du Soleil, and featuring the London Symphony Orchestra performing the score composed by Alan Silvestri and Burt Bacharach.

Leading the cast of performers include Cary Elwes, who is reprising his role of Dr. Lawrence Gordon from the original film, Tony Award winner and Academy Award nominee Nathan Lane, Emmy Award Winner and Tony Award nominee Jason Alexander, Tony Award winner Brian Dennehy, former The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey, and Academy Award winner Dustin Hoffman. It has also been reported that producers have signed Baz Luhrmann, director of Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, to direct the musical.

When interviewed by LushForLife.com reporters, Luhrmann ignored the questions he was asked and said into the microphone, “I may not be good enough for the Academy,” he said, “but now I’m going to prove to the world that I am a god.” He later added on his way back to his trailer, “The Academy can suck my fat, gay [expletive].”

“I can’t wait,” lead actor Cary Elwes said to LushForLife.com reporters. “I’ve been taking singing and dancing lessons for three months,” Elwes continued, “They’re really making a real performer out of me.

“Sometimes, I feel I’ve become better at dancing and singing than I ever was at acting, which is no small accomplishment,” the lead star said. “I’m so hyped about getting out there and giving the people the most amazing show they’ve ever seen.”

With the massive budget, the production promises to be one of the grandest spectacles that Broadway has ever experienced, according to producer David Geffen.

“This production is going to be like no other,” Geffen said, who, after parting ways with DreamWorks Pictures is backing the majority of the production costs for the musical. “We are going to spare no expense on this beautiful story of perseverance and survival.”

Geffen went on, “We want to reach a different group of viewers this time. With the sequel, we had exhausted our original target audience, which is why it did not fare as well as the original, in my opinion. And with Baz on board, the sky truly is the limit.”

Geffen added as a footnote, “Get ready for a massive overload of the senses, because Saw is going to blow you away!”

The musical is rumored to contain numerous amounts of overboard production exploits, including a number of massive explosions, a series of elaborate laser light shows, hundreds of gallons of real cow and goat blood splashing from stage left to stage right in a scene involving the killer, and one hundred nude dancing prostitutes, and a dream sequence with Elwes and a performance by Cirque De Soleil.

Some of the highly anticipated musical numbers will include several duets with Elwes and Daltrey, including, “(Why Are We) Chained Together Forever?” and “Off With My Leg”, as well as the Nathan Lane medley “I’ve Wronged! I’ve Wronged!” and “(Oh No, Oh No) Blood Is Gushing Out of My Throat”.

With production wrapping in the next few weeks, the musical is set to debut on March 9th at the Shubert Theater in New York.




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