NFL Abandons Conspiracy Plot, Sources Say

NEW YORK, NY – After learning of an article posted on by this journalist regarding a conspiracy involving the murder of Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy’s son in order to level the playing field in the National Football League playoffs, league officials abandoned the tampering attempt, reportedly just before halftime of the AFC divisional game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos, sources said.

As reported to on-site correspondent Arthur Rocks by an anonymous source who works at the league office in New York, a board of NFL employees – ranging from league executives, members of the league’s competition committee, and various team owners – met for an urgent conference that began during the NFC Divisional game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Washington Redskins.

Identities of those on the committee are sketchy, though it is rumored the members include Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, head of the NFL Competition Committee and Atlanta Falcons General Manager Rich McKay, NFL Players Union Spokesman Gene Upshaw, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, and Senior Analyst Gil Brandt.

During this unscheduled and confidential meeting, the committee members deliberated for hours, sources say, regarding the leak of information surrounding their plan to enhance the dramatic quality of the 2005 playoffs, and whether or not to proceed as planned. According to the anonymous source, officials finally came to a unanimous decision to abandon their plans to reignite the Indianapolis / New England rivalry, and to further discount the accusation of meddling made by, both the Patriots and the Colts also had to lose their respective upcoming games. The decision was agreed upon reportedly just before halftime of the later AFC game being played by the Patriots and the Broncos.

Once the decision was made, as told by the source, a phone call was made by the committee to the officiating crew of the AFC playoff game working in the upstairs booth, informing them of the change in plans. Shortly after the phone call was made, officials upstairs notified referee Jeff Triplette on the field, where he instructed his crew of the change in plans, and that for the good of the league, under no circumstance could the Patriots emerge victorious.

After the referees were aware a modification to the conspiracy had been made, a series of questionable rulings ensued.

The initial skeptical call occurred on a phantom pass interference penalty called on Patriots defensive back Asante Samuel while covering Broncos wide receiver Rod Smith in the end zone. The penalty resulted in a first-and-goal on the 1-yard line for the Broncos, who then took a commanding 7-3 lead, killing the Patriots momentum and the dominating grasp they had established during the first twenty-eight minutes of the ballgame. When asked what he thought of the penalty, New England head coach Bill Belichick said, “Go ask them,” referring to the on-field officials.

Later on in the second half, Broncos defensive back Champ Bailey appeared to fumble the football through the back of the end zone following an interception of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The play should have resulted in a touchback for the Patriots on the 20-yard line, but instead, the Broncos received another first and goal on the 1-yard line, which again led to a touchdown. The Broncos would not trail for the remainder of the contest and eventually won 27-13.

Following the Patriots loss on Saturday, the Colts, who established a new franchise record for wins (14-2) and became only the fourth team since 1934 to start the season 13-0, unexpectedly lost their divisional round playoff game to the obviously inferior and notoriously choke-worthy Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. The most lucrative American sport truly dodged a fatal bullet.

“That was a close one,” NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Sunday. “What a great game we play. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this great game.”

Reporters on the scene agreed with Tagliabue, assuming he was referring to the close and dramatic ending of the Pittsburgh-Indianapolis game. Some of us, this reporter included, as well as the staff here at L4L, know what Mr. Tagliabue was really saying, and hope that all of you can also read between the lines.



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