Bush Expands Phone Taps To Motorola Razr Cell Phones

WASHINGTON – Reports out of Washington, DC, indicate that all users of the Motorola Razr cellular phone, the most popular and most widely used mobile phone in the United States, are subject to legal phone tapping implemented by President George W. Bush.

Hidden within a clause in various mobile phone companies’ service policies, the President has received the legal right to tap the users of the popular phone. The cell phone taps are an extension of the once unknown executive order implemented by President Bush following the September 11th attacks, intended to discover possible terrorist plannings that are discussed over the phone within the United States.

There has been severe scrutiny by the both American people and politicians in Washington during the past several weeks towards the president after the discovery of the phone tapping, claiming the president did not have legal right to spy on people within the United States. Bush’s lawyers, however, have maintained the president had the inherent legal authority as commander-in-chief to protect national security through the secret spying, which has now branched out to all Motorola Razr mobile phones.

White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan insists the President’s new plan is a huge step in the ongoing fight on terror, and not an illegal act.

“We are engaged in an endless battle with terrorists who, unfortunately, not only live overseas, but also reside in this country,” McClellan said. “The President feels his new plan involving the Motorola Razr, with the support of cell phone companies, will be the greatest stride we have made in acquiring useful information.” McClellan went on, “As Americans, we should not focus on throwing our president under the bus, but rather stand behind our leader as he continues to brave this daunting task for the good of the American people, and to fight for our freedom.”

The decision by the President and his staff to tap the Motorola Razr phone largely comes from the overwhelming popularity the phone has gained over the past six months. Motorola said in a press release last month that the company had shipped 38.7 million units in the third quarter alone. The world’s second largest mobile phone maker also reported a profit of 1.75 billion dollars in 2005, which they credit to the massive sales of the thin and sleek mobile device.

“Our sales of the Razr phone have surpassed all of our expectations,” Motorola CEO Ed Zander said. “We are thrilled to be in the position to help our country and our president in any way we can. Hopefully with the permission we have granted to our fearless leader, our government will be able to more effectively combat this preceding threat of terror.”

The president maintains his decision is legitimate to spy on terror suspects and Motorola mobile phone users without court ordered warrants, and says he will resume his executive order as long as the United States continues to face the danger of terrorist enemies.



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