NFL Suicide Conspiracy Uncovered

NEW YORK, NY – A recent investigation conducted by investigators at the National Football League’s headquarters in New York City has revealed startling facts regarding the alleged suicide of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy’s son.

James Dungy was found by his girlfriend, unconscious, early Thursday morning in his apartment in Lutz, Florida. After being transported to University Community Hospital, Dungy was pronounced dead later that morning. It was determined by the medical staff that the cause of death was suicide, though official reports will not be available until after doctors receive the autopsy results.

When correspondent Arthur Rocks and his investigative team traveled to NFL Headquarters to question league officials, the answers he and his team received were troubling and bizarre.

“This is a terrible and sudden loss for not only the Dungy Family, but the entire NFL family,” NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said. “If Tony needs to take some time off, we’ll understand. He can take all the time in the world if it needs be.”

Dungy is the leading candidate to win the Coach of the Year award, and his Indianapolis Colts team had been piecing together one of the most impressive seasons by any team in the history of the league before this horrible loss has forced him to temporarily leave the team. Some league insiders believe there may be more than meets eye behind the scenes in the NFL.

“Do you believe this story?” a former player who asked to remain anonymous said. “I personally think it’s a bit convenient that Dungy’s son dies at the same time the Colts lose their first game, and all the while the New England Patriots are resurging as a legitimate Super Bowl contender.” The anonymous player went on to say that he believes the NFL wants to see the Patriots further establish their place in history as the first team ever in the NFL to win three Super Bowls in a row.

“I don’t know who calls the shots, but someone around here has a hard-on for Bill Belichick.”

The belief amongst league insiders is that the league is attempting to close the huge gap the Colts had established on the rest of the league, and develop a more intriguing story line to increase ratings for the upcoming playoffs. For the past two seasons, the Colts and Patriots had met in the playoffs to determine who would play in the Super Bowl. The Patriots won both playoff games convincingly, but this year when the two teams met in the regular season, the Colts dominated the Patriots and assumed a firm grasp as the best team in the league. Since the death of James Dungy, coach Dungy has left the team with no timetable for a return, and the Colts have lost two straight games; whereas the Patriots are on a tear, convincingly winning four straight games, becoming a Super Bowl contender once again, while quarterback Tom Brady is becoming a leading candidate for the MVP of the league.

“If things remained as they were, the Colts would demolish every team they played, including the defending champs,” an anonymous assistant to Commissioner Tagliabue said to Mr. Rocks. “That wouldn’t make very exciting playoff football, would it?

“The league loves the New England-Indianapolis rivalry. I guess they were scared the matchup in the playoffs wouldn’t be that enticing to fans.”

Further investigation showed that Tagliabue made an unscheduled trip to Tampa, Florida, three days before the death of Dungy’s son. With the help of federal investigators,‘s investigation team received Tagliabue’s bank statements, and found that he made a cash withdrawal of ten thousand dollars upon arriving in Tampa. Attempts to question Tagliabue on the matter proved futile. He was unavailable for comment because he was out of town, attending James Dungy’s funeral. will keep you updated on this conspiracy as the facts continue to surface.



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