LaFave Turns Home Into Teen Daycare

RIVERVIEW, FL – Former Greco Middle School teacher Debra LaFave, who recently was charged as a sex offender stemming from several sexual encounters she committed upon her former students, has opened a new daycare business out of her townhouse in Riverview, Florida.

LaFave’s attorney, John Fitzgibbons, made a statement to the press as soon as the news that his newly crowned sex offending client had chosen a new line of work.

“Both myself and Ms. LaFave are both trying to move on with our lives,” Fitzgibbons said, “She feels very guilty about the foul judgments she has made in the past, and now she’s trying to give something back, trying the best she can to mend the wounds she has inflicted on this community, and do what is right for the good of the kids.”

Fitzgibbons went on to say, “For her entire life, she has devoted so much to teaching and helping the youth of America. It has always been her passion. Now that she can no longer teach in the public school system, and her attempts in the private sector have failed as well, she wants to reach them in any way possible. I commend her for her iron-clad resolve in the face of adversity, and her utmost devotion she has to these kids, as all of you should.”

Though LaFave is no longer permitted to work as an educator in Marion County public schools, she still managed to form a business that directly involves teenagers being watched under her lone supervision for hours at a time. Residents of Marion County have expressed a wide range of opinions on her newly chosen career path.

“She just sickens me,” said Tammy Bosworth, mother of two teenage boys who currently attend Greco Middle School. “Does she really think we parents are so stupid that we’d let our kids around her again?” Bosworth later added, “I mean, I’d let my kids go spend the weekend at the Neverland Ranch before I’d let her get her slimly little [expletive] all over my boys.”

Tom Cullen, also a resident and father in Marion County, said to correspondent Arthur Rocks, “She’s just trying to make things right, I think.” Cullen explains, “My son is fourteen years old. I trust his better judgment, as these other parents should. If our boys are put in that situation, he better damn well hog-out that fine blonde bucket of fun. If she wants to do it again, I hope my boy gets the sloppy seconds.”

Though the reported statements vary, it seems there are enough residents in the Riverview community who are willing to turn the other cheek and have enough faith in LaFave’s ability to rehabilitate. She has already acquired a dozen applicants who wish to join her after school day care from her townhouse as she serves out the remainder of her 12-month house arrest sentence. At the end of her sentence, LaFave reportedly plans on moving her day care service out of her townhouse in Riverview, Florida, to a piece of property she has recently purchased directly across the street from Greco Middle School, so she can attract more business from the families and students she used to teach and molest.



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