Rolling Stones Booked To Headline Super Bowl

What I can’t figure out is: why aren’t people sick and tired of the same thing over and over again? Every year, it’s same half-time show; every time I turn on my radio, it’s the same songs; every time I watch TV, it’s the same reruns. Our country was built on innovation and creativity: the automobile, the telephone, the personal computer, the internet, blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, baseball, football (not soccer), apple pie; all of these we’re invented in America. But for some reason, it seems like nothing has changed for a long time.

It disgusts me how content our society has become with our media. I’m really tired of always knowing exactly what to expect. When I listen to the radio, I feel like I’m listening to a CD I’ve owned my entire life. I always know exactly what song each station is going to play, and I can almost even predict when they’re going to play it. When I turn on my TV, I’m forced to entertain myself by watching reruns of shows that were canceled almost a decade ago, if not even longer (e.g., Seinfeld, Cheers, old SNL, etc…) because the only other shows on television are mindless, dime-a-dozen reality shows that making me want to fucking drill holes into my brain. Unfortunately, ratings don’t lie, and they also line the pockets of the bigwigs in charge of this shit. So, apparently, this is what people want.

When I heard that the Stones are going to play the Super Bowl this year, I thought; “Aren’t there any NEW bands good enough to play the Super Bowl?” I guess not, and even if there were, Steven Tyler and Bono would just end up singing half of their set, anyways. I don’t have anything against the Stones; in fact, I actually like the Rolling Stones a lot. But is seeing them play “Satisfaction” and “Brown Sugar” live at the Super Bowl going to make me tune-in to the same lame fucking half-time show I see every year? No, it’s not! What really aggravates me, though, is that I know I would rather watch the Stones, a band that’s been around for forty years, instead of any other band that would be popular enough to play the Super Bowl. However, I really don’t give a fuck if Bono saves an African child while Keith Richards and Joe Perry play dueling guitar solos as a soundtrack to Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler titty-fucking Janet Jackson. Actually, I take it back: I would like to see that!

Basically, all I’m saying is that nobody comes up with anything good and original anymore, and it’s our own fault for patronizing it, thus supporting the advertisers and media-nazis that shove the same bullshit down our throats again and again.

“Suck a moose’s dick!”

– Wesley Willis



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