Rockstar Games Announces ‘Mississippi Burning’ Project

NEW YORK, NY – Rockstar Games, the designers of the popular “Grand Theft Auto” gaming series, announced in a press release yesterday that they intend to develop a new video game based on the critically acclaimed 1988 film “Mississippi Burning”. Though the announcement comes as a bit of a shock to the gaming industry considering the racially charged themes of the film, Rockstar CEO Terry Donovan believes the new game will be welcomed with open arms by the gaming community.

“We believe this new project will be a huge success with the combined efforts of our developing department and the makers of the original film,” Donovan said. “Though we are pleased with all of our successes in the past, I feel that Rockstar Games has inadvertently alienated a huge part of our target audience. Hopefully with ‘Mississippi Burning,’ we’ll get some of those gamers back.”

Though details of the production of the game are very hush-hush, Donovan gave some info on the plot and story lines in the game:

“The game will closely follow the plot of the film, but there will also be side stories and tasks the gamers will be able to explore,” Donovan said. “There will be over two hours of video spanned over the length of the game, with all of the scenes directed by [‘Mississippi Burning’ director] Alan Parker. Some content from the original film will also appear, including heated scenes between Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe.”

Donovan went on, “The main character of the game is a young white man who is a resident of a small town in Mississippi where a series of hate crimes are committed by Ku Klux Klan members. As the game progresses, there are several avenues in which the character can go down – whether it be joining the KKK and participating in hate crimes and keeping the FBI investigators off-track, or joining the FBI’s task force and weeding out those who are responsible for the racial killings. There will also be small, mini-games inside the game, much like we employ in ‘Grand Theft Auto’, from lynchings and riots to Klan meetings and brutal police interrogations. The direction of the character is determined solely by the gamer. With a variety of stories and endings, this game has the chance to be our greatest achievement yet.”

Rockstar Games’ hope is that “Mississippi Burning” can bridge the racial gap created by the “Grand Theft Auto” series, where the main character is black and is free to commit crimes, racial or otherwise, at his leisure.

“We have had growing concerns that various sects of our gaming audience think that Rockstar Games is a racist organization. By showing that brutality and racial hate crimes can also be committed by whites and inflicted on blacks, hopefully those concerns will disappear. We want to show that our company can hate blacks just as much, if not more, as we’ve hated whites in the past.”

Production on “Mississippi Burning” is currently in-progress, with a rigorous schedule that is slated to last up to nine months. Rockstar plans on releasing the game as a flagship game for the upcoming PlayStation 3 gaming platform in Spring 2006.




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