Ask Brett! Volume 1

In a monthly periodical, you, the readers of, can submit questions to Danny Albertson, and he will forward a handful of them to Brett Favre in their monthly sit down Q&A.

Danny Albertson: Brett, I can’t explain to you how honored I am to be able to spend this time with you. Ever since Rob Johnson retired from football, you’ve been, hands down, the best quarterback in the league.

Brett Favre: Um, okay…

DA: Let’s get started, shall we? This question comes from Jamie in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Dear Brett,

I live in New Orleans, or used to, I guess, until Hurricane Katrina destroyed my home. I am wondering what your opinion is on the storm, and what you would do if you were in my shoes?

Brett: Well, I think the storm is a bad thing. Not just for all of the people of New Orleans, but everyone. It is so sad that it happened. It kind of makes you forget about football and just pray for all of those folks who’re in that awful situation. It can’t be as bad as it was for me to lose my father and then go out and throw five touchdowns on Monday Night Football. That was hard on me and my family.

DA: I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head there, Brett. That storm is just terrible. Our next question comes from Cynthia in Washington, D.C.:

Dear Brett,

In the wake of the death of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist, I am very concerned with the state of the Court. Have you ever thought of being a member of the Supreme Court, once your playing days are over?

Brett: A lot of people have been asking me this lately. I guess I’m not sure. I think I’d be a good one, though. I’d like to consider it after I retire, but only if it wouldn’t take away from my family life. I’m a big family man. But I’ll tell you, we’ve gotta do something around here.

DA: I’m sure you’d be able to do something for us. If there’s anyone who’s there for America, it’s Brett Favre.

Brett: Amen.

DA: Well, Brett, I know you’ve got to run, but here’s one last question that was wired to us just now from Dave, who’s currently stationed overseas in Iraq:


We need good men like you over here fighting for our great nation. If you were here in Iraq, among a group of Arab women, and a bomb goes off from a renegade bomber, and there’s a wounded woman lying there, still alive but her legs are blown off and you can see her vagina, and your commanding officer is nowhere to be found, would you join in a bloody gang-bang with your fellow soldiers?

Brett: Goddamn right! Them durn towel heads ain’t gonna learn to stop bombing no other way. If we did that I’ll goddamn assure they wouldn’t be sending in their bombers no more.

DA: Thanks again, Brett. I enjoyed our first interview. Now let’s grab some nine-dollar bourbon and find some homeless people and have some real fun.

Brett: Let’s shag ass!

DA: Out.

To submit a question you’d like Brett Favre to answer, email your question to Danny Albertson at, or go to Danny’s profile page and click “email Danny”, and with any luck, your question will appear in the next installment of
“Ask Brett!”



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